I will apply after COVID-19

//I will apply after COVID-19

I will apply after COVID-19

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We would like to inform you of the following information
1. Many clients will be ready to make an order when the Embassies open
2. Currently, all government agencies are operating normally (continue to issue work permits)
3. When at the same time the Employment Centers will receive many applications for a work permit — the process will be formally delayed (you will not be able to get the documents on time)
4. .. Embassies will not be able to actively and quickly make appointments for the visa process (the number of places will be limited) + to make an appointment will be difficult (you will not be able to submit documents on time and quickly)
5. Your documents may become invalid

Who is lucky?
1. People who have valid work permits will be able to apply for a visa quickly and efficiently.
2. These people are more likely to get a visa.