Offended customer — Prakash Gupta

//Offended customer — Prakash Gupta

Offended customer — Prakash Gupta

Dear customers,

We warn everyone WE do not sell visas.
We are not the Embassy.
We cannot guarantee visas for clients.
Unfortunately, not all our clients receive visas.
But we never promise clients that they can get a visa. This is the main rule of our company.
You must study the reasons for refusing a visa.
Unfortunately, not all customers are educated.
We provide — evidence that the company has not provided for this client FAKE (FORGED) DOCUMENTS.
Confirmation of my words is the refusal of the Embassy.

What were the reasons for the refusal?
1. The applicant did not confirm the purpose of the visit
2. The Embassy is confident that the applicant will remain in Lithuania illegally after completing his visa
3. The embassy has questions about the applicant’s criminal record