The most common reasons for the refusal of the Embassy

//The most common reasons for the refusal of the Embassy

The most common reasons for the refusal of the Embassy

Good afternoon, dear customers!


Embassies are actively working and processing your applications.

Statistics show that the Lithuanian Embassy processes the application very quickly.

Yesterday we received a new refusal from the Embassy and we want to report.

Let’s analyze the reasons for refusal together with you.

1. First you should make a quality translation of the document. And you should not think of anything from yourself. Because this is a standard letter from the Embassy. The embassy only defines the specific conditions that match your application.

2. Once you have received the translation, then you should start analyzing the reasons for the refusal.

3. When we translate the reasons for refusal, then we can see such reasons

  • Insufficient Explanation For The Purpose And Circumstances Of The Planned Stay
  • High probability of illegal migration

Why can such reasons arise?

The obvious reason may be — Unfavorable Schengen Visa Situation and Lacking to present a Proof of Accommodation. 

What do you need to do?

1. You must analyze the reasons for the Embassy’s refusal.
2. Submit a complete package of documents.
3. Be educated and have a diploma certifying your qualifications.
4. Have proof of your financial capacity (BANK ACCOUNT).
5. You must prove to the Embassy that you will MUST return to your country of citizenship. (These should be key reasons)