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Schengen Visa and Business invitation to Poland

Business invitation to PolandA Schengen business visa to Poland is carried out strictly by official invitation.

This type of visa is designed specifically for businessmen and other representatives of commercial movements entering the country to resolve business issues, establish and adjust cooperation with Polish representatives of business industries, and any other important issues regarding business trips. To obtain a business visa, a mandatory invitation is required from a commercial corporation, company, company, that is, from any business partner. Also, business visas, in turn, are divided into single, double and multiple, depending on the situation and need.

A Schengen business visa allows you to be not only in Poland, but also to visit other countries for the purpose of professional activity, but does not give the right to work or study while traveling.

Poland Schengen Business Visa

Depending on the purpose of your travel to Poland, there are different types of visas that will apply to the occasion.

Whether you are planning to go on a visit, study or work and reside in Poland permanently, you will have to apply for a different Polish Schengen Visa, accordingly.

You can apply for the Polish Schengen Visa since 2007 when Poland as a Member State of the European Union also became a member state of the Schengen Area.

Polish business visas remain to be very popular among foreigners who want to start their business in the Eastern Europe. We assist our clients in obtaining of a Schengen (Poland) business visa. Since we consider this procedure in a responsible manner, the process will take minimum of time.

Business invitation to PolandThe business visa to Poland will let you travelling, setting up business and being in Poland and the Schengen zone countries without or with minimum restrictions. We will assume responsibility for EU business visa processing documents. Good knowledge of the Polish law allows us to manage this procedure quickly and in a qualitative manner, so Polish business visa process does not take much time. We do not postpone our work – we do it now and do it well!

Stat: As per 2018, Poland has issued a total of 789,343 uniform Schengen visas from 823,101 visa applications received at Polish consulates and embassies around the world. The Visa rejection rate was 3.92%.

Required documents for business visa invitation:

  • Passport Scan Copy
  • Full Permanent Address
  • Planned Date Of Travel
  • Business Detail (Name, Address, Phone)

General required documents for a Polish Visa Application:

  • Download the Polish Visa application form, fill it completely and with sincerity. You can also fill the Poland Schengen Visa application form electronically and then print a hard-copy.
  • 2 photos must be attached; the photo should be of passport format – a recent whole-face capture with a light background.
  • Your passport and copies of your previous visas – valid for at least 3 months beyond return date – are required. Your passport must have at least two blank pages.
  • Travel medical insurance confirmation of minimum 30,000 € coverage within Poland and the entire Schengen area.
  • A cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Poland and itinerary
  • Flight air ticket reservation with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Poland
  • Hotel Booking Reservation for the whole duration of the intended stay in Poland
  • Proof of civil status (marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card if applicable)
  • Means of subsistence – Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Poland

List of additional documents required for the business Purposes:

  • Invitation letter from the Polish company you will be visiting and their detailed address accompanied with the dates of your visit
  • A certificate from your employer stating/allowing your business travel
  • If there were previous trade relations between the two companies, proof of such events must be provided
  • Business bank statement of the latest 6 months
  • Memorandum and Article of Association in original certified copy (registered with joint stock companies) Trade License (first issued and present renewal), Proprietorship/Partnership documents
  • Regarding the applicant’s expenses during stay in the Schengen zone, either the employer or the partner company must state coverage of expenses on the letter or invitation.


                                         Type:Visa duration:Processing:Pricing:
    Business  package + supporting documentsup to 3 month 1 working day$ 150

(Delivery — free) 

Purpose of payment — Law consulting regarding immigration to Poland


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