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Czech employee card — what is it?

An employee card is a new type of permit for long-time residence in the territory of the Czech Republic (CR) where the purpose of the foreign national’ stay (longer than 3 months) is employment.

A foreign national who has an employee card is entitled:

  1. to reside in the territory of the CR and, at the same time,
  2. to work in the job for which the employee card was issued, or
  3. to work in the job for which the Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior granted consent (in connection with changing employer, changing job, taking up employment with an additional employer or in an additional job).

Czech Employee Card

An employee card replaces the visa for a stay of over 90 days for the purpose of employment, a long-term residence permit for the purpose of employment and a Green Card, which will no longer be issued. Blue Cards will continue to be issued.

An employee card is a plastic card with biometric features.

An employee card is most often issued for the duration of the employer-employee relationship but not for more than 2 years, with an option to repeatedly extend its validity.

With regard to professional qualifications, an employee card is intended for all types of employment regardless of the level of required professional qualifications.

Required documents for Czech Employee Card

Documents requirements for work permit process:

  1. Scan copy of valid passport (all  pages with marked)
  2. Scan copy of High School Diploma (if any)
  3. Permanent address
  4. CV (Complete Bio-Data and Work experience)
  5. Phone number and email address

Documents which you should submit to the Embassy of Czech Republic:

  1. a valid travel document,
  2. a document confirming availability of accommodation,
  3. 1 photograph showing the current appearance of the foreign national,
  4. a contract of employment, an agreement on work activity (or at least an agreement for a future contract where the parties agree to enter into a contract of employment or an agreement on work activity by an agreed deadline). The aforementioned documents must contain a stipulation which provides that regardless of the scope of work, the agreed monthly salary will not be lower than the basic monthly minimum wage and that weekly working hours will be at least 15 hours,
  5. documents proving the professional qualifications for performance of the desired job, if this condition follows from the nature of the employment or an international agreement sets such a condition, particularly
    • a document proving the required education (such as a diploma); in justified cases, particularly if reasonable doubt exists as to whether you have the required education or whether your education is appropriate for the nature of employment, you will be obliged, at the request of an administrative authority, to prove and submit a document certifying that your foreign education has been recognised by the relevant authority of the CR,
    • a document proving the required professional qualifications, if such qualifications are required according to other legal regulations (for example, a fork-lift truck operator licence or the appropriate driving license for a tram/bus driver, etc.),
    • a document proving that you meet the requirements for performing an occupation referred to as “regulated occupation”, if your application concerns this kind of occupation; if you do not already hold such a document, you must apply to the relevant recognition authority of the CR for recognition of your professional qualifications, after filing the application for an employee card. Issuance of the employee card is contingent on your submission of an affirmative decision of the recognition authority,
  6. upon request, a document similar to an extract from the Penal Register,
  7. document proving the fulfilment of conditions set out in the measure of Ministry of Health on prevention of the spread of infectious illnesses (Medical report).Employee Card to Czech Republic

Validity period of Czech employee card

The employee card in Czech Republic can be valid for maximum of 2 years.
Extension of the Czech employee card is possible, but application has to be filed within 120 – 30 days prior to its expiration, not later.

Arriving in the Czech Republic

The Department of Asylum and Migration Policy and/or the foreign police department should be visited within three working days of arrival in the Czech Republic to accept the Czech employee card. Accompaniment recommended (our law firm can provide accompaniment).

Employee Card to Czech Republic

Process time for Employee card — 3 weeks ( Shipping not icluded)

Required documents: 

  • Passport copy
  • CV
  • Address registration



Price — 900 USD* (This price isn’t included  delivery service)

Purpose of payment (Law consulting regarding work permit and residence)


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