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Limited Liability Company «Sergienkolawyers»

How to verify the legality of our company?

Identification number of the legal entity: 41762621

You can find our company in the state register of registered companies:

Registration address — Goloseevskiy Ave. 132, Kiev, 03127, Kiev, Ukraine

Contact numbers

+3807313928989 (WhatsApp)

+48508639747 (WhatsApp)


What guarantees do we offer for you?


  1. We don`t make a visa! (Visa issues by counselor in Embasssy).
  2. We don`t make a work permit. BECAUSE work permit is issued by the government (Employment Center).
  3. You can’t verify online the legality of documents issued by the government. What’s next? Only the Embassy can check the documents. The embassy will be able to confirm the legality of these documents. You can send these documents to other companies and request verification. This is not serious. These companies can’t confirm the legality of these documents.
  4. Every applicant must comply with the requirements of the Immigration Act and Regulations and only a Immigration Officer can make the final decision. Therefore, you should be wary of anyone offering an absolute guarantee. Our guarantee is to assist you with your application and to represent you with the Immigration Department to the best of our ability.
  5. Our company provides contracts for all potential customers. These agreements include all the basic conditions.
  6. We determine the rules of refund. We warn all our clients about this.
  7. If the Embassy has not issued a visa? You  received a letter of refusal. You can write bad reviews if it helps you. However, we have your documents and a letter from the Embassy. Therefore, we can check the reasons for refusal.
  8. We always try to publish honest feedback from our customers (