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Private Invitation to Ukraine

Private invitation is issued on behalf of private person (citizen/resident of Ukraine) by the licensed notary public services in Ukraine. That invitations are issued on the standart form which is certified by the signature and seal of a notary. There are specified all information about foreigner, his full name, civil accessory, date of birth and home address where he is registered.

Having used this service you will receive: 

  • Passport copy of an inviting side
  • The invititation on the necessary formUkraine Private Invitation
  • Insurance

Required documents:

  • Passport copy
  • previous visa (if you have)
  • planned data travel

Maximum Duration: 6 months or 12 month

Entries: Single, Double or Multiple

Processing: 1-3 working days

Price 250 USD 

What is an invitation for a foreigner from an individual?

An invitation of a foreigner from an individual (private invitation) is a notarized statement, which is the basis for issuing a short-term type C visa to enter Ukraine at a diplomatic mission or consulate of Ukraine abroad.

Why does a foreigner need an invitation from an individual?

An invitation from an individual is one of the documents that a foreigner needs to submit to a diplomatic mission or consulate of Ukraine abroad in order to obtain a short-term type C visa (the so-called guest or private visa).

What is a Type C short stay visa?

A short-term type C visa is issued to enter Ukraine as a single, two- and multiple entry, usually for six months or the period specified in the documents that are the basis for such a visa, but not more than five years. The period for which a foreigner can be invited cannot exceed 90 days within 180 days. The validity of the visa cannot exceed the validity of the passport.