Company registration in Ukraine for foreigners

/Registration of an company with foreign founders (participants) in Ukraine
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How a foreigner can register a company in Ukraine

Register a company in Ukraine by foreigners has many issues and important notices. The sphere of trade, service provision, fast food — everywhere you look, you can meet foreign citizens. They are active in business activities on the territory of Ukraine and, therefore, must pay taxes in the same way and be controlled by the state, like entrepreneurs who are citizens of Ukraine. How can you go through the procedures required for opening a business in Ukraine in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost? We will talk about this.

Company registration in Ukraine for foreigners

Our company can give legal support for every foreigner making business and trying to register company in Ukraine.

Register company in Ukraine

The complex of services for the registration of an enterprise (LLC, company) in Ukraine with foreign founders includes following services:

  1. Advising on the possible options for taxation ;
  2. Help in selecting the name and its eligibility;
  3. Preparation and printing of documents;
  4. Registration in the state register with payment of fees;
  5. Registration in the Pension Fund;
  6. Registration at the tax inspection;
  7. Assistance in the selection of the KVED (classification of the type of economic activity);
  8. Assignment of the KVED 2012 and its registration with payment of fees;
  9. Obtaining permission for the official stamp of the enterprise;
  10. Production of the stamp;
  11. Assisting the client with opening an account at the bank;
  12. Registration of the bank account with the tax inspection;

General issues of establishing a Ukrainian company by a non-resident

A foreigner who wants to register company in Ukraine, first of all, must choose the organizational and legal form of doing it. Many lawyers advise to opt for LLC. It is a limited liability company (and this is how this abbreviation stands) that is considered the most stable form of entrepreneurship, since a clear and well-thought-out regulatory framework has been developed for it in our country from already adopted and successfully operating laws that protect the founders.

For the determined citizens of other states who have decided to become entrepreneurs in Ukraine, there are certain legislative dogmas and restrictions. So, for example, to register a foreigner SPD — you must have a registered place of residence in Ukraine, and this is possible only if you have a residence permit in Ukraine.

Documents to be submitted by the foreign founders:Ukraine business registration LLC

1. Individuals must provide a copy of the passport. If a foreigner has a tax code assigned in Ukraine, a copy of the assignment certificate is provided. If the future founder is not assigned a tax code, then it must be obtained before the start of the procedure of the enterprise registration. The procedure for assigning a tax number takes from 5 to 7 business days and costs 500 UAH ($ 60). The future founder does not need to travel to Ukraine in order to open an enterprise (LLC, company) in his name. He can issue a power of attorney and all procedures will be performed on his behalf.

Duration of the registration: 7-10 business days.

Price 200 USD