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Our company will help you obtain a residence permit in Poland, immigrate to Poland. On this page we’ll talk about the details and methods of processing documents.

Residence Permit in Poland (Karta pobytu) is a document confirming the identity of a foreigner and the legality of residence in Poland. The Bytu Card allows you to freely move around all EU countries. Registration and extension of Residence Permit in Poland takes place only in Poland. During the consideration of the submitted documents you can not leave the country.

Karta Pobytu - Residence Permit in Poland

“Karta pobytu” looks like a standard biometric document of the European Union, which contains ALL your personal information:

  • registration in Poland
  • basis for issuing
  • your height, hair and eye color
  • parental name information
  • also on the map is your PESEL number

How to get Residence Permit in Poland

Obtaining Residence Permit in Poland is possible in various ways (for example, if there are Polish roots from ancestors). Our company can offer three reliable and proven methods:

  1. STUDY IN POLAND for students and adults
  2. Residence Permit in Poland through official employment
  3. Business activities

Residence Permit in Poland for study

Residence Permit in Poland

Students can obtain a residence permit in Poland while studying on the basis of an invitation from the university.

  • Karta pobytu can be a convenient alternative to a student visa, which does not need to be received every year upon returning home.
  • The residence permit is automatically renewed, at each session passed.
  • Renewal of Karty pobytu is carried out at the place of residence.
  • Upon graduation, the validity of the residence permit expires.

Admission to universities in Poland is available for adults. Adult foreigners can also get Residence Permit in Poland for the period of study, having issued Kartu pobytu on the basis of an invitation from the educational institution. Duration of studies is 3-4.5 years, registration of Residence Permit in Poland is possible for the same period.

Poland Residence Permit through official employment

Our company will help you get Residence Permit in Poland through a work visa to Poland with official employment from 180 to 365 days.

  • If you are interested in an employer, he will apply for a residence permit for you in Poland on the basis of a signed work contract so that you do not return home for a new work visa. In this case, the stay in Poland and the validity of the residence permit in Poland is limited and directly depends on the conditions of the employer and the term of the signed contract.
  • If you do not want to continue to work with this employer, Karta pobytu is canceled, that is, it is valid only if you work with a certain employer.

Residence Permit Poland through business activity

Residence Permit in PolandBecome a founder of an enterprise / company in Poland. Based on the opening of the company, a residence permit is issued very simply. Also, having established a legal entity in Poland, you automatically become a resident, which gives you the right to purchase a car at your company and move around it in Europe on a Polish registration.

What are the privileges of Residence Permit in Poland?

Residence Permit in Poland allows you to:

  • Acquisition of real estate in Poland.
  • Acquisition of a car in all EU territories.
  • Higher education in Poland and Europe.
  • Free movement in Europe (Schengen Union) WITHOUT a Visa.
  • Legal employment.
  • Issuing invitations to foreigners (relatives, friends) for frequent visits.
  • Registration of a private enterprise in all areas of Poland.
  • Free medical care in Poland at the European level.
  • Immigration to Poland with his family.
  • Obtaining permanent residence (permanent place of residence — a steel stew card), after living for about 2-3 years in the status of residence permit.

Fees — depends from grounds your residence)

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