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If you want to travel for exploring the scenic beauty and attractions of Poland. First thing you need to do is get a Tourist Invitation Poland Visa!

Getting a Poland visa is generally an easy process if you follow all visa processing steps. We are here to help you with some of the basic information about its documentation. Lets start here to understand all the basic information. Tourist visa invitation to Poland is one of the main document for  getting a Poland Tourist Visa.

Tourist invitation to Poland

About Poland Tourist Invitation

For every specific visa category, the procedure and limitations are different. Poland  tourist visa is usually issued for a 30 days trip.

Along with the basic application and passport, tourist visa invitation is a mandatory requirement for Poland tourist visa. Tourist visa support documents,  tourist visa invitation or tourist voucher, they all refer to the same document.

Tourist visa invitation or tourist voucher is actually an official letter (not like a common invitation card). The letter is issued by an authorized tour company.

Tourist voucher explains that your  host will be accommodating you. And they will support you for complete duration of your stay in their country.

What does Tourist Invitation contain?

This is a single page document containing information about:

  • Your tour purpose in Poland
  • Your personal details
  • Your passport number
  • Places you have reserved for visits,
  • Your stay period
  • Details of your Poland host
  • Details of your invitation issuing authority in Poland

Visa duration: up to 30 days

Number of Entries: 1

Process time for documents  — 3-4 working days

Price — 200 USD