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A work permit in Europe is required for legal employment in EU countries. Labor migration is a very profitable business, since European countries have high salaries and a high standard of living. A work permit in Europe is a chance to move and get a residence permit in states with high-quality medicine, education and justice.

Work Permit in Europe

How to get a work permit in Europe

Only an employer can apply for a work permit in one of the EU countries. It is just right to try to find a job and get the education that is necessary for this on your own. It is important to understand the peculiarity of the EU — qualified workers from other countries are accepted there legally only if no other candidates were found throughout the EU. With the help of the advice of our company, you will be able to obtain a work permit in the EU with the greatest probability. We offer legal assistance in the following areas:

  1. Work Permit Czech Republic
  2. Work permit to Estonia for seasonal work
  3. Work permit to Poland
  4. Work permit to Latvia
  5. Work permit to Estonia
  6. Work Permit Lithuania
  7. Employee card to Czech Republic
  8. Work permit to Hungary

Features of EU work permit

If you do not have citizenship or a residence permit in the EU, then finding a job there is very difficult. Work permits for foreigners are issued by employers. They do this only if they cannot find a specialist for a vacant position for a long time. They need to comply with the main EU rule: it is allowed to accept a foreigner only if there is no suitable specialist on the territory of the entire European Union.

In addition, a number of countries have their own restrictions. For example, in the Netherlands, a foreigner who defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Amsterdam was not hired for the position of a law teacher. The ministry refused on ethnic grounds, although the citizen was the most worthy candidate. It is almost impossible to obtain a work permit in England, Switzerland, Belgium, Greece.

It is important to understand how to obtain a work permit in Europe. Here is one example: to find a vacancy in Germany, you need to have a specialized education; a professional lawyer in this country will not be able to work as an electrician.

The EU has an extensive illegal labor market, but you shouldn’t get involved with it. Having settled illegally, you will not be able to receive a high salary, there is no guarantee that it will be paid at all.

Work Permit in Europe

Which specialists find it easier to obtain a work permit in the EU

Demanded specialists can get a work permit in Europe easier than others. This method of official employment will provide an opportunity to live and work on the territory of the European Union. Let’s figure out who can most likely get a work permit in the EU.

In order to get a plastic card that allows you to be employed in the European Union. You must be a specialist with higher education in one of the industries:

  • medicine;
  • jurisprudence;
  • teaching (exact disciplines);
  • sales (highly qualified managers);
  • psychology;
  • engineering (in any industry);
  • financial analytics;
  • IT

Other specialists are also eligible to apply for a work permit in Europe, but most often people from the list above are given a residence and work permit. To receive a permission you need:

  1. Be a foreign citizen (from a country that is not a member of the EU);
  2. Successfully complete a master’s degree or specialist education;
  3. Have written guarantees from the employer.

The problem is that it is difficult to find a company willing to hire you. In addition, by the time you apply for a card, you need to rent a house. It is also not easy to do this remotely. Write to us and call us right now to get help faster and get a work permit in Europe, even if you don’t have higher education!