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Why you need Slovakia work permit?

The average salary in Slovakia is 1083 Euro. As in other countries, in Slovak Republic a foreigner needs to receive special permission document for work. A document such as a Slovakia work permit is issued by the National Bureau of Employment, Social Affairs and Family, subject to an employment contract and other additional documents provided for. It is impossible to obtain permission, and then search for vacancies. Permission can only be issued for pre-selected work with a specific employer.

Slovakia work permit

A foreigner, despite the presence of an unfavorable situation on the labor market, can get a job if the employer proves the reason why this person should perform it (for example, this person can perform complex technological operations or has the best knowledge of specific languages). Once such permission is obtained, the migration services will not be able to refuse to issue a residence permit.

Documents requirements for work permit process:

  1. Scan copy of valid passport (all pages with marked)
  2. Scan copy of High School Diploma (if any)
  3. Permanent address
  4. CV (Complete Bio-Data and Work experience)
  5. Phone number and email address

Slovakia residence and work permit

Which documents we provide for you?

  • Employment permit
  • Guarantee letter
  • Letter of accommodation
  • Contract


Process time – 1 month


Price – 1200 USD

Prepayment (before start a processing) – 600 USD

When we will send you scan copy your documents you need pay second part payment  — 600 USD


Purpose of payment — Law consultancy regarding work permit and residence in Slovakia


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