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Work permit in LithuaniaToday, the Lithuanian labor market is in dire need of a number of specialists. In some sectors, vacancies remain with salaries of 1,000 euros or more! The authorities of the republic plan to significantly expand the list of professions whose representatives will be able to come to work in Lithuania according to a simplified scheme. Consider the most important rules of legal employment in the Republic of Lithuania. How to get a work permit in Lithuania? And what is necessary to conclude an employment contract with a Lithuanian employer?

How to obtain Work permit in Lithuania

Legal employment in Lithuania is possible only after obtaining a work permit. To do this, the employer must contact the territorial labor exchange in advance and register the vacancy. If for a month no locals are found on it, then a foreign citizen is entitled to apply for a job. He needs to collect a package of documents and apply for a work permit in the Republic of Lithuania. It is considered within two months from the date of receipt of the application at the Lithuanian Labor Exchange. If you want to get work permit in Lithuania — call us. We will provide the assistance of professional migration lawyers, as well as full support of the process.

Validity of a work permit in Lithuania

A work permit in Lithuania for foreign citizens is issued to an alien for a period of up to two years. Be sure to indicate the position and specific place of work. If you plan to go for seasonal work, then permission will be issued for up to six months. An internship in Lithuania also provides for a work permit. Usually it is issued for a year, but with the possibility of extension. After obtaining a work permit, you must contact the Lithuanian Embassy for a national visa (type “D”) with the right to work.

Conclusion of an employment contract with a Lithuanian employer

An employment contract is another mandatory stage of official employment in Lithuania. An employer, not later than within 2 months from the date of issuing a work permit to a foreigner, must submit an employment contract with the foreigner to the local labor exchange for approval. The contract is provided in duplicate in the Lithuanian language and in a language understood by the foreigner. If the employer does not submit an employment contract within the specified period of time, the Lithuanian Labor Exchange shall cancel the issued work permit.

Work permit in Lithuania

Employment Contract Requirements

An employment contract (contract) with a foreigner is drawn up in writing in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Lithuania, using the form approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The contract is concluded in two languages: Lithuanian and the second language that you understand. The contract is always drawn up in duplicate. A copy in Lithuanian and a copy in a foreign language must be kept at the local labor exchange. An employment contract is concluded for a certain period of time: the term of work must not exceed the period of validity of the issued work permit.

Required documents to get work permit in Lithuania

Required documents

  • Passport Scan Copy
  • Full Permanent Address
  • Planned Date Of Travel
  • CV (certificates and diploma)
  • Previous Visas (if available)
  • Copy temporary or permanent residence permit (if available)

Process time — 1 months

How European Union citizens can work in Lithuania?

Is it difficult to find a job for a EUE citizen? A foreign national, who is a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union, European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation (hereafter referred to as citizens of the European Union) may arrive and stay in the Republic of Lithuania for up to 3 months within a 6 months period starting from the day of his arrival in the Republic of Lithuania. Citizens of the European Union who wish to stay longer than three months or have already been in Lithuania for longer than three months have to register with the Migration Department. Temporary residence permits are issued for periods of up to five years.

Fees structure:

Package price: 800 USD

Prepayment (before start a processing) — 400 USD*

Purpose of payment — Law consulting regarding work permit and residence in Lithuania


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